Thursday, October 8, 2009

More Sickness:-(

We cannot seem to stay healthy over here. It's getting old very quickly! I have a nasty case of asthma as it is so whenever I get a cold or a cough, it's bad. It almost always turns into a respiratory infection or bronchitis and it takes a lot for me to get over it.

After coughing for weeks and constantly reaching for my rescue inhaler to be able to catch my breath, it all came to a head on Monday night. John was at work and I had just put Adrienne to bed. Brooke was in the tub when my sister, Alison, called and I could hardly talk to her without having to take a breath every few seconds. She was concerned but I hung up the phone with her and took a breathing treatment, in hopes of some relief. I hardly even noticed a difference after taking the treatment.

A few minutes later John stopped by to grab some dinner and at that point, I was dizzy, my fingers were tingling, and breathing was extremely painful. He was the only car on the road at that time so he couldn't leave work to take care of me. Luckily, his mom had just stopped in to drop something off at our house and she was able to watch Brooke for me so I could go to the emergency room. John's mom called my sister and my mom to take me to the hospital. One of them was going to stay here with Adrienne so she could sleep but we didn't know how long I would be and we didn't want her to wake up hungry... Especially since I had no milk in the freezer or anything.

After getting to the hospital, they injected me with a steroid shot and then gave me three breathing treatments in an hour. I left the hospital about 2 hours later feeling like a completely new woman. They said it was bronchitis, and like I said, that coupled with asthma is rough.. Especially when you're an idiot and you let it go untreated for so long! I'm on an oral steroid and an antibiotic now to continue to fight this and I'm so thankful to have my lungs almost back to normal!

On top of my issues, Brooke has a nasty, nasty cough and runny nose and all of that. Luckily, she's acting more like herself today, which is great. Hopefully the cough continues to disappear so she can sleep more soundly. She's been coughing a lot at night.

John called in to work for the first time last night because he was running a fever, had a throbbing headache, and was achy all over. It sounds a lot like the flu so we were kind of nervous about that. He still doesn't feel great but he's going to go to work tonight. I hate having him sick but I LOVE having him home.

Hopefully Adrienne stays healthy and we all start to feel "normal" again. If not, it's going to be a LONG, LONG winter. Wish us luck!

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