Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Girls

We have had so much going on over the last couple of days so I thought I would just give a random update on my precious girls:


On top of being the most content and easy-going baby, Adrienne also sleeps through the night religiously... So we knew something was up with her when she screamed for most of Sunday and was then up crying hysterically from 11-2:30 in the morning. She was pitiful:-( She has been dealing with a cold and I knew that was making her feel yucky but she was also grabbing at her ear. I took her to the doctor on Monday morning and sure enough, she has a nasty ear infection. I felt so bad for her to think that she had been in that much discomfort! This is her first ear infection in almost 9 months and I'm really happy that we've managed to steer clear of them thus far. She's on an antibiotic and is improving but she's still a little on the fussy side. I want my happy, smiley Adrienne back and NOW!

In other Adrienne news, she has really blossomed lately. She is EVERYWHERE and into everything. She still doesn't crawl on her knees but she certainly doesn't let that slow her down! She now knows up to open drawers and get into things so she's at that age where you can't take your eyes off of her. She also loves to stand holding onto something and she's even starting to creep a little bit. Watch out world! She keeps me on my toes!


We have big news... Brookie graduated into the next biggest class at gymnastics. This was an enormous feat for her because when we first started going in September of last year, she wouldn't try a single thing and was afraid of everything. She just recently started talking to the teacher because she really depended on me... Too much, actually. The class she just moved up to is for 3-5 year olds and I was going to initially keep her in the younger class just because she's so timid. However, we learned today that the best thing we could have ever done for her was to move her up! She excelled and she did things for the teacher that she would have never, in a million years, done for me! She looked so tiny with all of those big kids and watching her go all by herself kind of broke by heart. It was really a big step for her though and I'm so proud of her latest achievement!

I think that just about sums up the latest. Oh yes, and I will add that I love my girls so VERY, VERY much:-)


mrs. fuzz said...

I think it's so cute seeing toddlers do gymnastics. I did a tumbling class with my daughter, I want my son to do one too.

Anonymous said...

I grew up doing gymnastic from 4 on. I cant wait to get Miss O back into it. :)

MONICA-LnP said...

aww hope Adrienne is feeling better,ear aches suck!
congrats to Brooke,that is too cute.