Sunday, February 21, 2010

How About Some RESPECT??

When you go to the grocery store and the cashier checks you out, do you scream at her? Or how about when you're going out to eat... Do you harass the server who delivers your food to you? Do you flip out on the doctor who writes you a prescription or swear at the mechanic who does your oil change? Plain and simple... NO, you most likely don't. So, here's my question? Why do people treat police officers with such total disrespect when they are only doing their jobs? I just don't get it.

I know, being pulled over is not fun. I realize that it stinks to encounter a cop because it usually means that you're either in trouble or you're going to get a ticket. Do you know what, though? It's completely avoidable! When I used to work I would hear from people, "Your husband wrote my mom a ticket. Jerk!" Like I'm supposed to apologize to you that my husband was DOING HIS JOB??????? I just don't get people. I tell people like that to not complain when the cop doesn't get there fast enough the next time they're in need of emergent help. Don't criticize their job when you're in the wrong if you're not willing to give up on their help all together.

It just amazes me how poorly John is treated while at work and it ticks me off. He's been called every name in the book, which to me, is completely unheard of to talk to a law enforcement agent like that. Just the other night he had a man throw his license at him when he asked for it. What kind of loser does that? Even worse, he once gave an ER nurse a ticket and she told him that she hoped he was never brought in for a critical injury because she wouldn't help save his life. UNBELIEVABLE! People, in general, are argumentative and rude to John.

I hate how the majority of our society considers cops to be "dirty" or abusive of their power. Many cops are those things and it stinks but many doctors, lawyers, contractors, waitresses, you name it... have inappropriate practices in regards to their careers. You don't hear people saying, "Oh, your dad's a contractor? I can't stand contractors. They're such jerks." It seems like only police officers are grouped into such a broad negative field like that.

Another thing that people don't understand is that police officers risk their lives upon every single vehicle check. The standard American grows immune to the fact that they see cops on the side of the road but they don't truly know what that entails for that officer's life. The fact that John works nights worries me more because most people that are out at night are a little more shady and also, the visibility is obviously not as good as it is during the day. Of course they are going to be suspicious of people they're pulling over... Especially when they have been in potentially life altering situations like John has, along with most other cops. Excuse them if they are not interested in shooting the breeze or chatting about the weather with you.

I know that some cops are gruff and they can be intimidating. It's frustrating and I realize that it's bothersome because I hate that feeling also, but that is NO reason to swear at, harass, or disrespect them and it most certainly not justification to harm them. People these days, I TELL YA!


rccalyn said...

Clearly I don't have any "real life" experience with this, but I am obsessed with crime shows and I'm always surprised by how they make the characters treat the cops and other authorities! I ask Dan often if real people treat real cops that way, and he doesn't know either, but now we do. It really surprises me, honestly. It's too bad people can't appreciate what they do for us!

Tiff said...

I feel like this is such a hard topic. I think a lot of people like to point out when cops do something bad (which is rare), and only focus on that, and ignore all the good they do. Thankfully I've only ever encountered praise for Rob's career choice, but I know that there are people that think otherwise. I'm so sorry your husband has to deal with people like that. I think if I ever got pulled over I'd be SO nervous, barely talk, and probably cry, haha.

April E. :) said...

PREACH IT! That is such a hard thing to deal if their jobs aren't hard enough already! It's sad to see that one bad cop can spoil the bunch too. We have had some pretty big idiots in Husby's department do some dumb things and you would be surprised the looks my Husby gets now, like he is the one who did it! It's just sad.
Husby says sometimes..."you know, if you didn't break the law...we would have never even had to meet. So who's fault is it now?"

Simply Complicated said...

I hear ya here. My husband works on an awesome department with great officers that are truly good cops and treat everyone with respect - yet they are trashed all the time and I get so defensive too. I don't let myself read the comments on the online newspaper stories cuz they just make my blood boil. I think if you're "good people" you respect officers and their job. If you're "bad people" then you hate them and what they stand for. I agree they need more RESPECT.