Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I knew that when Adrienne got moving that things would never be the same but for crying out loud, life is inane! That child is seriously crazy!! She's a crazy climber, which Brooke never was, and it's hilarious to watch her attempt to reach the top of just about anything. She's at that stage right where I can't take my eyes off of her for two seconds because she's interested in light sockets, the toilet, and all other sorts of harmful things. It keeps me on my toes, for sure!

As a baby, Brooke just didn't get in to things. She was really content to play with her toys. Adrienne, however, has recently become accustomed to pulling anything and everything out of my kitchen cabinets and dresser drawers. With Brooke I never really "baby proofed" my house... I just stayed on top of her so I figured that this time around I would practice that same sort of logic. I'm starting to see that that's just not possible with Miss Adrienne! I had to put rubber bands on the kitchen cabinet with my chemicals in it and now she goes to it, pulls on the doors, realizes she can't get in and SCREAMS. It's actually comical to watch! We spent Brooke's infancy in a 900 square foot house and I'm quickly learning that containing a baby there was much easier than in the 2700 square foot home that we have now! I never thought I would miss my old, small house!

I have a feeling that Adrienne's going to take off walking before my eyes any day now. She's standing unassisted for maybe 5-10 second intervals and pushing walkers and toys all over the place. It's so cute to watch her little butt stick out as she pushes! She rarely crawls anywhere anymore because she usually finds something to help her cruise to her destination. She's pretty creative!

Man, relearning the ropes of having a baby this age has been quite a bit of work! And just think... She's not even walking yet!


rccalyn said...

Haha, Marissa and Arianna were the same as Brooke and Adrienne! Marissa didn't ever get into stuff, and we had her blocked off so she only played in our living room in our old apartment. Arianna gets into EVERYTHING and freely roams about the entire house! It certainly makes things interesting! Our cabinets don't even have knobs, so I can't use rubber bands. We have cabinet locks, but haven't put them on yet - they're such a pain!

Tiff said...

lol, Molly gets into EVERYTHING, and I mean everything. I have to lock the cabinets but haven't found ones I like yet. Chasing after them sure does get exhausting doesn't it?

MONICA-LnP said...

uhoh and shes not even walking,that girl is probably going to be running as soon as she gets those legs going!
have fun :)