Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just Like Mommy

Brooke has been such a "mini me" lately. I really love her recent fascination with me and how very much she wants to imitate me. It's a HUGE responsibility to have her listening and watching me so closely and I only wish that I could say that I never fail her.

The other day she told me "Wear your hair up in a bun, Mommy!" I said, "Why do you care about MY hair, silly?" She said, "Because Mommy, it's so cool when you do that and that's how my hair is right now." Let me just say, I'm noting this because one day, before we know it, she mostly likely won't want to be caught dead sporting the same hairstyle as me!

She also looked at me at lunch today and said, "Mommy, you're my very best friend." I said, "Aw, Brooke, that's so sweet,honey! You and Adrienne and Daddy are my best friends." (I didn't want to crush her spirit by telling her that my goal was to be her Mommy.. not her buddy!) She got a sad look on her face and said, "But I only have ONE best friend and it's you." Aw!!! Moments like that make me want to cry!

Sweet comments from her are frequent around this house. Little things like, "I'm thankful for you, Mommy," or "You're a good cook, Mommy!" really perk me up. That little girl is quite the encourager!

Brooke constantly follows me all over the place... When I get dressed, she likes to pass me clothes piece by piece (and sometimes try them on!), when I do my makeup, she, of course, requests rosy cheeks, and when I'm cooking, she stands right beside me on her chair, wearing an apron and all! Every little intricate detail of my day she is interested in and I usually have to explain my smallest of actions to her. For instance, I exercise when the girls nap and then take a shower. Every day, without fail, Brooke wakes up and inquires as to why I exercised and why I took and shower and why my hair is wet. Now she'll finally say, "You exercised because it keeps you healthy and now your hair is wet." Lol. She's so much fun:-)

I love Adrienne's stage right now and I don't want to wish any of her baby time away but I am REALLY looking forward to the days when she is older like Brooke. This preschool age obviously has its challenges but it really is a blast and the activities that you can do with a child this age are endless. I LOVE IT!


Meadowlark said...

I'm just glad you realize your job is not to be her friend, it's to be her parent. That's the right attitude!!!! Besides, when she's 17 she probably won't like you very much, so you might as well get it over with now ;)

rccalyn said...

So cute! Marissa talks about getting "earrings to go in a hole" a lot - I can't wait til she's old enough, and we can agree on an age - I think she'll be so excited to be just like mommy!

alissa kay said...

Awww that is adorable! I remember wanting to be just like my Mom up until age...10ish haha and then things changed! But, that is super cute!
Thanks for the encouraging note. I know that God has everything planned out in His timing. And His timing is nothing but PERFECT! :)
Oh and if you didn't get a chance to actually hear that song, here is a link
(Of course, some of the grammar is incorrect with the lyrics, but it's probably some kid that made the video haha)

Simply Complicated said...

Such a cute post. Our girls sound so similar. I love how they so sincerely encourage us moms :-) Lately Allie will say "Mom, I love you. And I like you." - totally random. Gosh what would we do without our kids?!