Saturday, January 22, 2011

"In Sickness and In Health"

How ironic is it that just a few days shy of our fifth wedding anniversary John is the sickest I've ever seen him?? He's a very healthy man that very, very rarely gets sick. Heck, he barely even catches the colds and bugs that the girls and I get. The vow to love him in sickness and health has been extremely easy on my end... Until now. Lol.

He came home from work yesterday morning running a 103 degree fever and that never happens for him. He was complaining that his head was pounding but he still dug us out of the snow that we had gotten that night. The fever has been awfully high and persistent so he finally let me take him to the doctor this morning. Sure enough, he has strep throat. UGH!!!! He has been sicker than a dog and has literally slept, only to wake up for more medicines to get his fever down. He also has barely eaten anything or had much of anything to drink. I feel so bad for him because he's one tough cookie so I know he must be really, really sick to be acting this miserably.

I've decided that as awful as it is to have sick kids, it's worse having a sick husband. When he's sick, I'm pretty much on my own and don't really have anyone on my "team." When the girls are sick it's horrible... Don't get me wrong... But at least he has energy to help me out with them. I really just miss his company and friendship right now but he needs to rest and I'm sure he'll back to usual in no time.

You know how it is when your kids have a stomach bug you can convince yourself your stomach hurts? Well right now I can't decide if my throat hurts. Lol. It really doesn't but I keep swallowing and evaluating if it's sore or not. I've been sterilizing everything like a mad woman and using lots and lots of bleach to try to kill any germs that might be hanging around here. The last thing we need is for me to get sick.. Or the girls for that matter.

I've asked this before but is this EVER going to end? I'm so sick of having my family so sick! We have all of these gift cards from Christmas for various restaurants and we've used none of them because we haven't all been well at one time to go out to eat together. Friday is our anniversary and we have plans for a nice night out but I'm trying not to get my hopes up until it actually happens. You never know with this family!

Alrighty, I'm off to get some more drugs for my man. Hopefully he wakes feeling much better tomorrow! I'm praying that the rest of us steer clear of this, too!

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MrsMonicaLB said...

I have been taking EmergenC for a couple of months and havent got sick,which is rare for me.heres to hoping your hubby gets better quick,and that the rest of you dont catch it!