Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pneumonia, Take 2

I took Adrienne into the doctor this morning to see what was going on with her. I suspected maybe she had an ear infection or an upper respiratory infection but it was far worse than that. She has pneumonia:-( Poor girl!

It's been kind of a hard morning for me because she's very sick. Her oxygen levels were in the low 80's and they like them to be over 95. In addition, her heart rate was over 160, which is apparently dangerously high. The plan was to admit her into the hospital unless they could easily bring her numbers back to a good spot. After several treatments she responded well and they armed me with an antibiotic and some more medicines for our breathing machine and sent us on our way. However, now that I'm home, I'm worried sick about my girl. I have a pretty bad case of asthma so you would think I could easily spot a child in distress but honestly, I didn't notice anything abnormal about Adrienne's breathing other than a little wheezing. They told me to bring her to the hospital immediately if her heart started racing like that again or if she was struggling to breathe but I find myself questioning my ability to even realize when that is. I'm almost wishing that they had just admitted her for the night because I'm so worried that something is going to happen.

I feel so heavy hearted right now. Knowing that I have one baby who is very sick and another who still sounds awful just puts a pit on my stomach. Adrienne's fever has been pretty high and both girls are receiving breathing treatments throughout the day. It's just overall a lot of work. I'm not complaining but I actually just feel extremely bad for them because it's eating up their whole life right now! Brooke had me cracking up this morning... "Mom, are we going anywhere today?" I told her that we would still be staying home and she said, "But can't I still have a matching bow in my hair?" Lol. Yes, my sweet little drama queen, a matching bow would be just fine:-)

It stinks because our amazing pediatrician who we trust so, so much will be not be in the office tomorrow due to Martin Luther King Day so I'll have to wait for the girls to be rechecked by him later in the week. Who knows? Maybe by then they'll be all better and we won't need to see him. Something tells me that's wishful thinking though!

Good is still good. Life is still wonderful. Being a mommy is still the best job ever, hands down. We'll get through. We always do!

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Who's your pediatrician?