Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bottomless Pit

I never thought that I would consider Brooke a big eater... Ever. Once she started eating solid foods she really hated everything we fed to her and was content to nurse for her main food source. In fact, she was almost 2 when she finally weaned herself of breastfeeding. There were days when I wondered how she could possibly be full but she was still growing and thriving so I didn't let it worry me.

Despite Brooke's picky eating I never catered to her. Maybe that sounds harsh? The child only like boxed macaroni and cheese for years but that's not what we had for dinner every single night. I always made balanced meals and encouraged her to try whatever was put in front of her. The rule was that couldn't have any desserts or treats for the rest of the night if she didn't eat her dinner. It was never popular with her but we stuck to our guns.

Let me tell you... The results have paid off! My girl eats anything and everything now and it seems virtually impossible to fill her. She continually asks to try new foods and likes almost all of them. I made homemade cheese steaks the other night (out of shaved rib eye.. OH MY WORD!) and when she asked for some of my mushrooms and onions to put on hers, I almost fell over. I ended up having to put more on the stove because she loved them so much. Last week I made a pork roast and I cut it into little medallions. She ate SIX of them. I couldn't believe it! She out ate both John and me. She's even really into vegetables these days, too. I never thought I would hear that girl ask me for broccoli or green beans but she loves her veggies now and asks for them at every meal. Oh yes, and what still amazes me is that I made fajitas the other night and she ate two of them... Piled high with caramelized onions, chicken, sour cream, and cheese. Who is this kid?

I must admit, I feel rather accomplished as a mom! To know that I've instilled positive eating habits into the most stubborn of eaters kind of makes me feel like I know what I'm doing! Now if only we could get her to go to sleep at night! Lol. It's always something...

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