Thursday, November 8, 2007

9-Month Check-Up

We went for Brooke's doctor visit today. I love my pediatrician so much so I really look forward to taking her in. Is that sad?? Lol! Don't worry, John goes with me, so I promise that there's not secret rendezvous between Brooke's pediatrician and me. Besides, he's older. I just love him because he is genuinely nice and so good with her. He's the best there is!

Anyways, back to Brooke and off of the doctor, she is now 18 pounds, 10 ounces and just shy of 28 inches long. She was always in the top percentiles for weight and height but now she sits perfectly in the middle at the 50Th category for both categories. I thought she would be over 20 pounds but much to my suprise she's not. At 6 months she was 17 pounds, 3 ounces, so she's really slowed down A LOT. This is good or else she'd be enormous by now.

The doctor also listened to Brooke's lungs and checked her ears. He said that her cold definitely sounds yucky but there's nothing to help move it out any quicker. I'm just glad that we know her ears aren't bothering her or anything else. So, a clean bill of health for Miss Brooke!

John has tomorrow off so I'm going to go relax with him. Before I get off, here is a picture of my beautiful girl sitting in a cardboard box. She's a goof! We spend all this money on toys for her and this is what she wants to play with:-)

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