Monday, November 5, 2007

How Do Single Moms Do It?

I just want to applaud my wonderful husband. Brooke and I are still sick and I'll admit both of us have been whiny, grumpy, and exhausted. I would totally understand if John just wanted to get out of the house or hang out with a friend, but no, he's been absolutely incredible and he hasn't left our side the entire time.

Not only has he made sure that I don't have to do any cooking (he yells at me if I try), but he's done grocery shopping, laundry, and any other housework that needs to be done, as well. He's been sifting through all of my cookbooks trying to learn how to make us things to eat. How precious! The man does NOT cook. Lol! I don't expect anything less from him because he's always been helpful, but still, every time he steps up to the plate like this, I grow to love him more.

Last night he went to the store and he picked up some things we needed around the house. I asked for tissues and specifically said that I did NOT want a 99 cent box of tissues, but the most expensive, soft tissues they had. He came home with not 1, but 3 boxes of Puffs with lotion. I just thought that was so cute! He also got stuff to make us a really nice dinner... Strip steaks (Which he took the prices off because he didn't want me to think they were too expensive. Lol!), and a nice salad with mushrooms (my favorite!). His thoughtfulness overwhelms me. I love him so much!

I had a little bit of a melt down tonight. My asthma's acting up and my lungs hurt so bad when I breathe. I'm just so sick of being sick and not being able to pull my weight around our house. I got up and I tried to clean the bathtub (of all things) and he held me in his arms and demanded that I rest. Of course I started to cry and express to him how helpless I felt. I also cried because he made a peanut butter and fluff sandwich. I'm such an idiot.. I said, "But I'm supposed to make you things to eat." I know that the exhaustion is speaking for me though so I don't feel to cooky just yet.

Well, I feel like garbage, so at my husband's demand, I'm going to go try to rest. He goes back to work tonight so wish me luck. Hopefully little miss sleeps well. She slept great last night so I'm hopeful!

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Alison said...

Oh, I'm so sorry that you guys are so sick! I know how it feels when you're rendered pretty much helpless. Thank God for our husbands who are willing and able to pitch in and do the extra work!!

Hope you feel better soon!