Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Have Writer's Block!!!

I haven't had much to say lately, huh? It seems like life has been so "routine" that there hasn't been anything too interesting to post on here. Usually I can think of something, but in these recent days I've been totally lacking inspiration!

Let's see... John's been off the last few days (which greatly contributes to my lack of writing) and we've really enjoyed one another, as always. We went on a date last night and went shopping, to dinner, to the movies, and then out for ice cream. I love the times when we're able to be carefree and do fun things together. John goes back in tonight and I'm so bummed because having him home really makes my world. He's my best friend and I hate not having him home:-( Such is life...

Brooke has been great! She's a little crack up and I'm telling you, her language is getting better by the minute. I called her a pistol the other day and now she walks around saying "pistol." Lol! My favorite new thing that she's been doing is shaking her head. Every time you ask her something she'll shake her head yes, except she looks more like a Bobble Head Doll when she does it. It makes me laugh every time! My only complaint with the princess is that she's waking up super early (around 6:30) and her naps have been too short, like less than an hour. I so hope that this is just a phase because I'm exhausted BIG TIME!

Well, that's all for now. Like I said, nothing new is going on and life's been great, but quiet. That's how we like it though!

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