Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Layout

I am SO excited because I finally figured out how to make my blog pretty!!! I've tried applying templates and such but I could never find one that worked. I just got really bored tonight and searched for Blogger templates, which led me to this beautiful layout! I got it for free from this site. I LOVE IT and I'm so excited about blogging again!

Brooke is still not doing very well at all. Her foot continues to look very swollen and bruised and she has yet to walk on it. Tonight after her bath she seemed to be doing just a tad bit better and I'm hoping that tomorrow she will show marked improvement. I think I'm also going to try soaking it in Epsom salt at some point tomorrow, in hopes of something miraculous happening. It's been a rough couple of days around here and all I want is for my princess to feel better and QUICKLY!

I made Chicken Parmesan for church dinner tonight and everyone loved it! I had lots of help in the kitchen, which was great, and John and Patty took Brooke so I could cook without her on my hip. It was nice to have those couple of hours without carrying Brooke, even if they were spent frying chicken for the masses! Lol

John has tonight and tomorrow night off and I'm SO excited! I love spending time with him so much!

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