Saturday, March 21, 2009

Brooke's First Night in her New Room

Last night could not have gone any better!! Because John's parents didn't end up getting the mattresses to our house until a little bit later, after 9, Brooke didn't end up going to sleep until almost 10. We try to stick to a normal bedtime but she really does fine staying up late from time to time because she almost always sleeps for 12 hours a night, regardless of when she goes down.

Anyways, when we had everything all together and assembled we tucked Brooke in and she had the world's biggest smile on her face. She looked so proud and happy to be in her new bed and it was just really special! We laid in her bed for a few minutes and read her a bedtime story. After saying prayers and singing a few songs, we left the room and the princess was sound asleep. It was a restless night for me because every time she coughed or I heard a noise I would run to check on her, but we didn't end up hearing from her until 10 this morning. WOW! What was really nice is that when she woke up she didn't get out of bed, she just waited there and sang and played with her dolls. I was relieved that she didn't take advantage of her freedom and roam the house!

So yes, all of that anxiety and fear about Brooke's first night in her new room was all for nothing. It turned out to be totally fine and the fact that Brooke is so excited made it that much more amazing! When we finish hanging up pictures and wall window treatments I'll post the pictures.

Real quick, on a totally unrelated note, here is an actual conversation that I had with a Taco Bell employee this afternoon... (Mind you, she was not a teenager, she was an grown adult)

Lady: Are you pregnant?
Me: Yes.
Lady: How far along are you?
Me: I am a little over 29 weeks now.
Lady: Wow, you're just starting out. You have a long way to go!
Me: No, actually I only have about 10 weeks left. The human gestation period is only 40 weeks.
Lady: Oh. Really? That's cool then.
****Awkward silence as I wait for our order****
Me: (Mind you, I can't stand uncomfortable moments of silence so I always have to open my big mouth and interject totally non-relevent dialogue.) If I was this big and just starting my pregnancy out I would...
Lady: Shoot yourself?

WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO???????????????????? I'm not sure if I am more amazed at her lack of social tact or the fact that she has absolutely NO idea how long the human gestation period is. Seriously??? I'm BLOWN AWAY! Lol


rccalyn said...

To answer your question...I haven't had anyone check the latch since we were in the hospital, but it was fine then. I suppose it's possible that it's gotten off a little. But I feel like we're doing that part right. But in the process of getting things started, I got all cracked and bleeding. And once that happens, it's nearly impossible to get it to heal, since she's nursing on it every hour or so. It's basically an open wound, that gets re-opened every time she nurses. I'm going to see a hospital lactation lady tomorrow just to make sure it's not the latch, but I really think she's just gonna say "give it time" - which is just not working for me! It's a little better now, after the pumping saga, but we still have a long way to go!

Yay for Brooke the big girl!

*~tRiStYn MiChElLe~* said...

Sounds like I'm not the only one with an open wound from breastfeeding! lol.

i can't believe people these days! That's ridiculous!