Friday, March 20, 2009

Unexpected Emotions

All this talk about the big-girl-room has been pretty exciting. In fact, so exciting that I haven't sat down and really thought about what all of it means. As I put Brooke to sleep in her crib last night and rocked her while I quietly prayed over her, it hit me... Things will be never be just like that again. Tonight she'll be transitioned into a big bed and she'll be in a brand new room, leaving the glider and all other things "baby" behind in the nursery for Adrienne.

I put my girl down to bed last night and though she was happy, I left her room and shed a few tears. How could it be that my baby is now really a big girl? When she was first born, 2 seemed so old and nobody could have warned me that this day was coming so very quickly. I cannot believe how quickly the days filled with cooing, nursing, and crawling turned into days filled with conversations, temper tantrums, and independence. In so many ways Brooke will always be my baby and I'll always see her as such, but when it boils down to it, she really is a big girl.

I know that after this transitional stage is over that things will soon feel "normal" again, and I'm holding out for that day. It also helps to know that our empty nursery will soon be filled with another precious life that God has entrusted into our care. Nonetheless, change is so hard, isn't it?

Wish us luck tonight! Hoepfully tomorrow I'll find time to update on how the big girl princess did in her new room.


rccalyn said...

Aww. I think I had the same feelings when we did the big-girl-bed thing! Can't wait to see pictures of it all put together, it sounds amazing!

alissa kay said...

Wow that is so sad yet so exciting! I hope she LOVED her room and I can't wait to see pictures. This is random...but are you starting to get your yard all fixed up and stuff now that the snow's gone? I know you enjoy doing to yard/flower-y type things! Hope all is well. :)