Monday, March 30, 2009

Random Stuff

It's been a couple of days since I've been able to get on here. I really love my blog but when life gets super busy, as it has been over the last couple of days, it gets neglected first. There have been so many cute stories and/or deep, Jillian thoughts (HAHA) that I have wanted to write about but I simply have NOT had the time. Such is life!

First things first... The big-girl-room! Brooke's new room is almost 100% complete and it's been A LOT of work. On Thursday we painted the flowers on the accent wall and it seriously made the whole room come to life. They're GORGEOUS!!! I'm super proud because I even helped, despite the fact that I originally planned on not helping due to my lack of artistic ability. I actually kind of enjoyed myself but don't tell anyone:-) We also bought new curtains and curtains rods but of course there's a story behind this... Brooke's old room had two windows that already had white canvas curtains covering them. Because we wanted to do something different with Adrienne's windows anyways, we took the existing curtains out of the nursery and bought two more sets of identical curtains (to cover the 4 windows in Brooke's room). Anyways, I took the old curtains down to wash them, in case they had dust on them or anything, so I also washed the new ones. I followed the washing instructions on the package, so as to prevent them from shrinking. It wasn't until after I spent my entire night ironing the curtains that we realized they had each shrunk 4 inches. Ridiculous! I had thrown away the original packaging and the receipt so I thought I was stuck but Wal Mart took them back with no questions asked. They have the best return policy! So, all that to say, once I get a few hours to iron the curtains... again.... I'll hang them up and then take pictures to share.

Brooke has been a TOTAL mama's girl lately. I love my girl and it's very flattering that she loves me so much, but she really doesn't want anything to do with anybody else if I'm around. I've always thought of her as a daddy's girl but lately the tables have turned. We went to a ladies get-together at a church member's house and some girls from church were asked to come watch the kids so the moms could enjoy the fellowship. Brooke refused to go with the other kids and screamed every time I encouraged her to go. John's mom was there and Brooke adores her, but she only wanted me. If I went to the bathroom or to get a drink she would scream, "Where's my mommy?" Pitiful! Also, yesterday in Sunday School she was so upset and crying for me that they had to come get me. This is so NOT like my girl but I'm thinking it's just a stage. I'm wondering how much of it is related to all the talk about her sister? I'm not sure but I hope that she resolves this a little bit in the coming weeks. If not, it will just be a lot of work but that's okay!

In other news, we had our van detailed and it looks AWESOME now!! I cannot believe how clean they made it and how they removed all of those nasty smells. It's great because now I don't feel like I'm going to get some horrible disease every time I drive it. Lol! That's always a plus!

Okay, I think I hear Brookie waking up for the day. I went in to check on her at 9:15
and she was still sound asleep so I've been kind of bumming around. Man, that kid can sure sleep lately!

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