Friday, August 8, 2008


Miss Brooke had her 18-month doctor visit today. First and foremost, I cannot believe that my little baby is almost a year and a half old. Where in the universe did the time go???? Wow! Anyways, she's 22 pounds and 30.5 inches long. The doctor said that because she's healthy and thriving, he's not worried about her weight. She's just a tiny little thing and that's okay! Everything else checked out good and he was happy with her developmental progress. So, thank God for a healthy baby!

Brooke's fussing got a little bit better yesterday, though we certainly had our moments. Trust me! I will say, though, that we went out to Olive Garden last night and she was the model child. She sat in her highchair happily, ate a TON of dinner (which is a major rarity for her), and didn't so much as fuss the entire meal. People around us complimented us about how well behaved she was and of course we were proud. We've worked VERY hard to teach her to sit in a restaurant and to wait for us to be done eating to get up. So she DOES listen, after all!! Anyways, today has been a great day too. John's off, which helps, but she was happy and goofy while we were out and about running errands. She's sleeping soundly now and I'm hoping that she wakes up in a good mood.

There's nothing else too new or interesting in our camp. It's the same old, same old but all is well. I'm looking forward to enjoy John again tonight, as he's off. We're going to watch the Olympics opening ceremony and I'm so excited!

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