Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Many Names for "Mommy"

Brooke has started this hilarious game of making up new names for me. The other day she called me "Mamoo" and laughed hysterically each time that she said it. The last name that she created, however, was "Momark." She's gone a little bit farther with this one, though, because she even says it when she's upset now. It's really, really funny but I kind of hate it! Come on... "Momark????" It just doesn't have the same ring to it that "Mommy" or "Mama" does. Hopefully it's just a phase? Lol

John and I have started calling her silly names in return and she HATES it. I'll say to her, "How are you doing, Brook-o?" She'll then respond to me and cry, "How ya doing, BROOKIE???" It makes me laugh every time! Sometimes she'll even tell me, "I min (am) Brookie Madison D****!" You would think she would stop calling me such horrific names considering how much she hates being called Brooke-o! Unfortunately toddlers don't think like that, now do they? That would make life far too easy!

In other news, John's temporarily on the night shift (11-7) until he goes over to the daytime position that I mentioned a few days ago. It's funny because I LOVE having him home in the evenings and sharing dinnertime with him, but every night when he leaves I miss the evening shift so bad. I never thought that I would miss anything about those hours but somehow I do.

Nothing too eventful is really going on in our home right now... Just the same old stuff! That's the way we like it though:-)

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