Thursday, April 9, 2009

Less Than 7 Weeks To Go!!

I'm semi-freaking out inside. I'm 32 weeks pregnant today and in less than 7 weeks, Adrienne will be HERE. Amazing! Where in the world has this pregnancy gone? I keep asking that but seriously, time has flown like you cannot even begin to imagine. I can't wait to meet my daughter and I'm eager to incorporate her into our family's life, but right now I'm feeling a bit stressed and overwhelmed about the things that need to happen before her big debut. Here's my to-do list....

*Get Adrienne the perfect coming home dress. This is John's special job but the fact that he still hasn't gotten it kills me! We think we found THE dress at Gymboree but we didn't snag it just yet. SOON, hopefully!

*Ah, the nursery hasn't even been started. My dad is going to paint at some point... I sure hope that it's in the very near future! On top of that, we need to replace the disgusting primary colored fan, find some cute window treatments, AND I need to get jumping on her wall letters (which are time consuming). I think that when the baby's room is done I'll feel better but until then, I'm kind of high strung about it.

*I need to figure out something to bring my post-baby body home in. My mom bought me lots of things for after I had Brooke but that was in February and this is May we're talking about. I'll probably roast if I use the same clothes! This task is NOT something I'm looking forward to because who really LOVES buying large clothes to accommodate a big body?

*Adrienne needs clothes. Both my mom and John's mom have both recently gone to the outlet malls and of course the baby was the recipient of many nice outfits. Also, my sister has gotten her many l nice things. Thank you God for family! However, I still think that she needs several more outfits to get her through the summer. John keeps assuring me that she'll have everything she needs but I keep stressing over this too.

*I need to reassemble the baby swing and get batteries for the bouncy seat.

*I'll eventually need to pack us a hospital bag but I obviously still have time to do that.

Those things are all seemingly unimportant things when I think about Brooke's emotions through all of this. I feel like 7 weeks is so little time to prepare her for how this baby will change her life and like I don't have enough weeks left with her alone to fully soak her up. It's hard because even though I'm incredibly happy to have Adrienne joining our family, I still kind of feel bad for Brooke. Brooke is my entire universe and just the thought of her feeling displaced really breaks my heart:-(

I'm sure that I will continue to stress and be concerned about these until that defining moment when my new daughter is placed in my arms. I long for that time to come because I know that when I see her face that I'll realize that none of these silly things were ever that important. Until then, I just need to take a deep breath and enjoy this very special time in the life of my family! Life is too short to stress about everything... Especially about something as wonderful as new life!

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