Sunday, May 24, 2009

Disaster Child... BUT, For A Reason

These last couple of days have seriously left me FRIED. Brooke has been a weepy, temperamental, non-complaint, non-sleeping disaster. These are the days in the motherhood where you think you might lose your mind!

This morning she woke up screaming at 5, which is always fun, and she was so awful and disobedient while we were getting ready to go to church that she had 3 spankings before we left at 8. Unbelievable! She was also grumpy and miserable in the church nursery and she would cry for no apparent reason. When we got home she had a heart attack because I didn't give her macaroni and cheese for lunch. An onlooker would have seriously thought that I had just beaten my kid to a pulp or something because Brooke was absolutely beside herself. LONG morning...

***I have to take a quick pause because she just woke up screaming. I think it's going to be a long night... ***

Anyways, the point to this story is that I made an important discovery today... Brooke has cut her first two-year-molar! Quite the accomplishment, huh? So many things are making sense to me all of the sudden and now that I know that she's actually suffering, I think it will be easier for me to be compassionate. I'm not saying that I blame every ounce of her attitude on this tooth, but I do think that a great deal of it is related. After all, molars are hard work!

With only three more days until we welcome Adrienne into our lives, I really hope that Brooke shapes up so we can enjoy them to the fullest. We'll never get these precious times back.

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rccalyn said...

Aw, what a time for a new tooth! I'll be praying she calms down so you can enjoy this week!