Wednesday, September 30, 2009

All About Adrienne

I seriously have the world's most content, happy little baby on my hands. She just glows with excitement every time you look at her and she is always giggling and smiling! My Adrienne is also quite the talker, too, and she can be really loud when she gets going. Her temperament is wonderful and I love her and who she is so much!

Even though she is content, she has this little tiny streak of a temper to go with her sweetness. 99% of the time she is happy but that the 1% of the time that she's not, watch out world! In those times, she tolerates nothing less than exactly what she wants! Lol

I have come to the conclusion that there has never been an "easier" baby to take care of than Adrienne. When she's tired, all I have to do is put her in her crib and she falls to sleep on her own almost instantly. She takes great, long, and regular naps now, which is a huge help to me! She also continues to sleep great at night- Usually 13 or 14 hours a row but sometimes she'll go for up to 16 hours straight! When she wakes up, she doesn't cry or get upset, she simply talks to the birds on her sheets or lays there happily sucking away on her thumb. If she happens to fall asleep in the car, she transfers perfectly into her crib every single time. Even if she wakes up for a minute, she requires no coaxing to go back to sleep. What more could a mama ask for???

My only complaint is that I can't seem to get this baby girl to roll over! Because she is just so content, if I put her down in hopes of her rolling, she gets frustrated and puts her thumb in her mouth and goes to sleep. Brooke started rolling over at 3 months and that was because every time I put her on her belly she would get so mad that she figured out how to roll over quickly! I know that Adrienne will roll eventually but right now it seems like we're slightly behind, which is perfectly fine. She has started to roll on her side from her back and her belly, which is a start, but I look forward to witnessing the real thing... Hopefully soon!!

We go tomorrow for Adrienne's 4-month check-up and I look forward to finding out how much she weighs and all of that. It is so much fun to watch these girls grow and I intend on savoring every minute of it!

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