Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Big Switch

A couple of weeks ago I decided that it was time for Adrienne to make the switch to the crib in her room because she was out-growing her cradle. Every time she would move, the cradle would move with her and it was starting to startle her a little bit. I knew that moving her into her crib was imminent but I couldn't quite follow through with it because it was so emotional. I told myself that after vacation we would make the switch and when we got back, I actually did transfer her as planned.

The first night, which was Friday, was really rough... On me, that is. I knew that Adrienne had to make this change and I even knew that she would do great. After all, she's Adrienne and she would sleep on a roof or concrete if she had to. I took her into her room, rocked her, prayed over her, and sang her a few songs. I held onto her tightly and stared at the crib. I knew that I had to put her in it but I just felt like I was letting go of "baby, baby" days by doing so. Finally, I put her down and she instantly found her thumb and fell to sleep. I stood over her crib and cried and John came in and hugged me and said, "It's okay, honey. You can cry. Just do your mom thing." He knows me all too well:-) Sure enough, she slept like a champ in her crib and I woke up to her cooing and laughing at 9 the next morning.

Adrienne really is sleeping wonderfully in her crib! Nap times are still going great and if anything, they're a little bit longer because she's not waking up to her creaking cradle. It was a seamless transition for her, but for me, I still feel kind of sad. I just look at that empty cradle in our bedroom and remember back to when she was so tiny. Even though she's not even four months old yet, she is getting so big and she has changed so much from that tiny infant that she once was. I miss hearing that precious sound of her sucking on her thumb and being able to glance over and be reassured that she's okay. I still feel like I have to be semi-quiet in my room at night but I don't have to be because she's down the hall. I'm not sure why that seems so sad to me but it really, really does!

I know from parenting Brooke over the last 2.5+ years that I do NOT do well with change regarding my kids and them growing up is SUPER emotional for me. I also know, though, that each new stage brings something amazing to enjoy so the joy always, always outweighs any of the other things that parenting may bring!


rccalyn said...

Aw, that's a big change! We did it AGES ago with Arianna. Between her sleeping all night, and Dan's sleeptalking, I think we did it around 2 months! Crazy, now that I think about it, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Lol.

Tiff said...

I had Molly in her crib in her room for the first part of the night the past couple nights and I hated it.