Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday and she turned the ripe old age of 40. Lol! I won't divulge to you her real age but I can assure that it's slightly higher than the age I said:-)

I wanted to do something extra-special for her so I volunteered to have her party at my house. I told her that she could have whatever she wanted for dinner and of all things, she picked my homemade lasagna. I made homemade sauce (as usual) and I started it early this morning so it would simmer all day long. Man, it turned out really delicious, if I do say so myself. We also had a nice spinach salad and fresh Italian bread. The only thing that could have made the night nicer would have been if John didn't have to work. His absence was constantly on my mind the whole night but it was still a really nice night. My sister-in-law, Amanda, made homemade ice cream cake that was out of this world and in my opinion, it was the best part of the whole meal!

I just want to say a few words about my mom: Growing up, I can remember her being the "Susie Homemaker," "June Cleaver," "Hostess with the most-ess" type of a woman. She stayed home to raise my siblings and me and she was always seen doing laundry, cooking meals, packing lunches, and carrying on other household duties. In addition, she was a wonderful help-meet to my father, as he was/is a pastor, and she complimented his ministry so well by hosting many dinner parties for church members. Her ministry was always carried out in her home- Whether it be towards her children or to the members of my father's congregation. She was warm and compassionate when I was sick, forgiving when I was wrong, Godly in her discipline tactics, and she could cook anything. It was from her example that I realized that all I wanted out of life was what she had... A job as the keeper of my home. Because of her, I've learned so much about supporting my husband, running a household, and being a hostess. The list could go on for miles, really!

Now that I'm grown, my mother has turned into a true friend. She is so much like me and she seems to get me in a unique way that many don't. She was the youngest child growing up, as am I, and I feel as though we identify well in that area. She's also clumsy, accident-prone, and absent-minded like me and between the two of us, we're always losing and misplacing things. She's the person who I call when I want to be told the truth... not what I want to hear. She's the one I go to for unconditional love and support. She really means the universe to me!

As my girls grow, I sure hope that they remember me as fondly as I do my mother. I have big shoes to fill but I'm thankful for the role model that God has provided for me in my mom.

Happy Birthday, Mom!!! Love you lots!

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