Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm SO Excited!

I have LOTS to be excited about today!!!!! Here's what's going on:

*First and foremost, John is officially done with "overtime mania!" Hooray! That means that tonight he is coming home at 11 (or after his paperwork is done, whenever that may be)! It was a long 9 days or so but it will be well worth it when his paycheck shows up next week!

*John has tomorrow and Friday off and then he goes back in on Saturday and Sunday. After that, he will be off for 10 days straight! I cannot wait to be able to enjoy him during that time. We haven't seen much of each other lately.

*We were looking for a mini-vacation for next week and we decided that we would like to go to Cape Cod. There weren't a lot of places to stay directly in Cape Cod so we went on Priceline and selected the whole greater Cape Cod area as the area that we would be willing to stay in. We got a 3.5 star hotel, The Trump Marina Hotel, for $50 a night and it is absolutely gorgeous. It's right on the water! It's actually in Atlantic City, which means we'll be able to enjoy the shopping and the boardwalk there, and the drive to Cape Cod is only like 30 minutes. We leave next Wednesday and we're going to stay for two nights. We're considering extending it for one more night but we haven't decided yet.

*Brooke and I are having movie night tonight! We're going to make popcorn, drink juice boxes (or at least she'll drink one, anyway. I'm a Diet Coke girl!), eat candy, and cuddle up in my bed and watch Finding Nemo. I think she's going to love it! I'm always looking for special things to do with her like that.

I'm so thankful for all of this excitement after a week of "blah!" There is FINALLY a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you, God!

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Tiff said...

That's so fun for the upcoming trip and 10 days off! I've always wanted to go back to cape cod ever since the 8th grade whale watch, lol.