Monday, September 21, 2009

Brookie at Play

Brooke just amazes me lately! She has this insane ability to entertain herself for hours on end. Sure, I engage her and try to join in on the fun, but she really is most content to do her own thing.

Lately, she is obsessed (by every meaning of that word!) with Little People. She has the barn, the house, the car garage, the airplane, and the bus and she seriously will play with them for the entire day. She has so many of the actual Little People and they each have names that she uses consistently and she never deviates from them. I'm not quite sure how she keeps them straight! It's funny because she'll ask me if "Brookie" can do something and most of the time she is referring to the fictitious Little People Brooke. It's very confusing sometimes!

She is also in love with her baby dolls. That girl probably has over 10 of them but she plays with all of them. She loves to dress and undress her babies and she is often found with her shirt up "nursing them." The other day we were getting ready to head out of the house and she insisted on packing her babies a diaper bag. In the bag she packed extra clothes, blankets, a bottle (which I'm not sure why because she's a nursing mom!), and some socks. Not too shabby, I would say! Today she and I took our babies on a walk... She pushed one of her babies in her little stroller while I pushed Adrienne in the real stroller. She thought that that was a lot of fun and onlookers sure got a kick out of her, too!

I love that Brooke has such a great, content personality and that she loves to use her imagination. Some of my favorite moments of the day are spent watching and listening to her as she is playing. I always love to see what she'll come up with next!

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Alison said...

Awwww...she is a girl in every sense of the word! And she is just so precious to me. You are raising such a fine young lady!