Friday, November 7, 2008

A Different Kind of Night

Every night since John has been on the evening shift (the 1St of October) I have been occupying myself by keeping Brooke and me out of the house. We have had countless dinner invitations from friends and family and every single night we have accepted these gracious offers. However, last night I was invited over to my sister's house for dinner and you know what I said? "No, thanks!" I couldn't believe my ears because I'm the type who NEEDS people around and the thought of staying home by myself for the entire night kills me, but last night I just thought it would be nice to be home for a change. I'll admit, I almost called my sister back and told her that I changed my mind, but I decided that Brooke would enjoy being home and that it would be a nice change of pace. Let me tell you... We ended up having the nicest night!!

First we played with toys and cleaned up the house and then I made us a nice dinner. We ran out after dinner to get some things we needed to make John's dinner and when we came home we baked, cooked John's dinner, and then spent time with John from 7-7:30. After that it was bath time, snuggle time, story time, prayer time, and then bedtime for Brooke. The night went by surprisingly fast! The best part was when I put Brooke down for bed I had NO housework to do because I had already done it earlier in the night. Imagine that! I watched some good TV shows, did my devotionals, and then John was home right after 11! It went VERY smooth!

I'm not saying that I'm going to never go out while John's working, but I do think that I learned a valuable lesson last night... This is my home and being here, whether I'm alone or not, is a wonderful thing. Brooke and I also had a great time with one another and I think we both laughed hysterically for the entire night!

John's off tonight and tomorrow night so I really look forward to spending some quality time with him. His days off are always the best!

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alissa kay said...

it is nice to just be home once in a while, isn't it?! have fun spending time with your hubby for the next few days.