Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's Always Something

I think that Murphy's Law was made for ME... "If something can go wrong, it will!" I love my life, but it's filled with so many chaotic inconveniences that sometimes I get discouraged. Let me demonstrate my point with my two latest crises:

*So, the new appliances are here! Let me just say... I LOVE my stove. It makes my kitchen look brand new and the fresh stove really brightens up the whole room. It also cooks great, which is obviously the most important thing. In addition, I love my new micro-hood, however, after my father-in-law and dad spent hours putting it up, I determined that it was too close to the stove and it looked stupid. Ugh:-( I wanted to cry. I had my mother-in-law and mom consoling me that "it looks nice from far away." Yeah... Not what I wanted to hear. It's also ridiculous because to use the knobs on my stove I practically have to bend myself in half and look under the micro-hood to see my controls in plain view. So, after convincing myself that I loved it and would live with it, my father-in-law told me that he would come (when he gets a free day) and move ALL of my cabinets up so he can move the micro-hood up. That's going to be so much work for him but he offered. I seriously owe him my life!

*My brand new (well, as of April) dining room table is now RUINED... Temporarily, at least. I was going to put a hot, hot casserole dish of manicotti on the table so I first put down a cloth, then a trivet, and lastly, I set my dish on top of them. Seems like a totally okay thing to do to a table, right? WRONG! When I removed the towel I found a huge, inconspicuous spot in the middle of my table where the varnish was completely stripped off. It looks AWFUL and I seriously can't even believe that that happened when I didn't put direct heat on the table. I am furious about this. So I called the furniture store and the guy was supposed to come over today to let me know if they would be fixing the table or replacing it never showed. I literally wasted my day waiting for him. Just my luck! He called me at like 5:30 to tell me that he would be by tomorrow, to which I told him that he would have to work solely around my schedule because I had given up enough of my time for his poor customer service already. How annoying and RUDE!

It's one thing after another with me! Both of those incidents happened on the same day so I was pretty upset that night, but I'm realizing that they're both materialistic things that I can't take to heaven so I should just stop stressing!!! It's hard when you take so much pride in your home, though, because you want everything to be perfect and nothing can be.

In other news, John had yesterday and today off and we have really been enjoying our time together... As always! Today we made lots and lots of amazing Christmas cookies together and had a nice dinner in. Brooke has been great and her attitude and behavior has improved greatly since those few horrible days last week. Either 1) she's truly learning how to behave appropriately, 2) she's putting on a show because daddy's home, or 3) last week was just an off week. We'll see!

Alrighty, I'm off to enjoy my wonderful husband:-) I so love having him home!!!!!

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rccalyn said...

Wow, I can't believe that made a huge mark on your table! A trivet and a cloth should have been fine - I wouldn't think to put anything else under too!
About the "globular thing" - I really still don't understand it. But as far as I know, it just means it's oddly shaped and the only real concern is that it still nourishes her adequately=she's still growing fine. I've asked several times, and it shouldn't pose any problems during delivery. Apparently it's somewhat common, and most people don't have any problems with it. They just like to keep an eye on things.