Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Tough Day at the Office

Wow, let me just be brutally honest and say that today was one of those days when I wished that I was really at "the office." People in the workforce get 1) lunch breaks, 2) restroom breaks (by themselves that is) and 3) they get off sometime around 5 or so. Unfortunately in this career of motherhood, though, we are always on the clock, regardless of any conditions that make our job less favorable or desirable. We mommies are warriors because we withstand the most difficult work situations possible!

If you haven't gathered by now, Brooke was an absolute terror today and I'm not sure why. She bucked me on all points today and was willful at every turn. Here are some lovely examples for your enjoyment (Ha... notice how I said your enjoyment!):

*This morning Brooke woke up and immediately asked for cereal. I said, "Okay, but let's get your diaper changed first." She then went over to her diapers, threw them everywhere and said, "No diaper change. CEREAL!" She then threw herself on the ground and kicked and screamed until I dealt with the situation. Nice "good morning" greeting for me, huh?

*During breakfast Brooke refused to sit, despite being in her highchair. She kept trying to wrangle her way out and whenever John or I told her to sit she would scream, "Brookie no sit!" Anyways, it's a rule in our house that she has to sit at the table until everyone is done (regardless of the meal or who's over) and so we enforced that. Finally we were all done with breakfast and we took Brooke out, only for her to get on the floor and scream, "BACK HIGHCHAIR!"

*I took Brooke upstairs so I could get dressed and after I was done I said, "Come on Brookie, let's go down stairs." Again, my drama queen toddler threw herself on the floor and yelled, "Brookie stay here." Long story short, it took 3 separate spankings (Real deal spankings... No slapping of the hand) followed by 3 prayers to get Brooke to 1) say sorry and 2) comply with me about going downstairs. It was HORRIBLE. I felt like I was talking to the wall and it truly broke my heart to have to spank my girl. I do it because I love her though....

*While I was brushing my teeth Brooke came in the bathroom with a bow and said, "Do hair." I said, with gobs of toothpaste in my mouth, "In a second baby." Of course she freaked out and threw a massive temper tantrum because I couldn't tend to her immediately.

*We had to run some errands and so I went to put Brooke's brown shoes on. She took them out of my hands, threw them and said, "Brown shoes yucky. Wear Nike's." I choose to pick my battles with my raging toddler so I wasn't going to make a big deal out of which shoes she wore, but I did care how she asked me for Nike's. I told her to ask mommy nicely and she refused to do that so we left the house with her wearing the "yucky brown shoes." Me oh my!

I could go on and on and on and on... Lunch was a nightmare, she was unhappy after her nap and freaked out any time I left the room, she had a fit during dinner tonight, etc, etc, etc... I think you get the point: Brooke was an absolutely miserable, grumpy girl today and it was VERY trying!

Though the day was very long, we had a wonderful finale to our day with a relaxing bath and then about an hour's worth of quality, happy time spent together before Brooke eagerly went to bed. God is so good like that though because He always gives me something amazing about motherhood each day to hold onto, which keeps me eagerly coming back for more each and every day!

Maybe my life would be easier if I went to the office every day, but ya know, the joy and satisfaction of being a mother is far superior than any other calling out there and each day that I spend with Brooke is a treasure. I have faith that tomorrow will be a better day and if for some reason it's not, God will give me the grace to get through!


Alison said...

Motherhood definitely has its moments of frustration! Today has been a hard one for me too (for different reasons), but here's to hoping that our kids are back on track tomorrow!

*~tRiStYn MiChElLe~* said...

I think we all have faced those days! :0) I hear you loud and clear...it's so frustrating but I think God does still show us through those bad days how rewarding being a mom can be! Children are a blessing even on those terrible days!