Friday, December 26, 2008

A Christmas to Remember!

We have been so very busy over the last couple of days, but we had an amazing Christmas! We are so blessed to have so many to celebrate with us and love us. Here's how our holiday looked:

*Christmas Eve-

John had to work in the evening but he spent the morning finishing up his shopping so Brooke and I just hung around the house. That evening I went to my sister's to have Mexican food with my family (our traditional feast, of course) and then I swung by John's grandma's house to spend some time with that side of the family. Luckily it was slow enough in the county for John to be able to stop by and visit with all of us at his grandma's. That made my night!

*Christmas Day-

We had "4 Christmases" so we were VERY busy.

1. We woke up around 8:45 and John made us a nice breakfast before we opened presents. That would have been a nice enough Christmas present because I ALWAYS make breakfast, but he went all out on presents for me. He got me the most kind and thoughtful stocking you can imagine with all of my favorite things and then he got me some amazing gifts... 2 pairs of maternity jeans, new perfume (that smells amazing), a cast iron stove top grill that I've wanted for ages, a beautiful picture for my wall, socks, and some other little things. As for Brooke, she LOVED opening her presents and was hilarious because she could have cared less about the gifts.. She just wanted to open the boxes! At one point we looked over and she was opening gifts that we were going to be taking to people later in the day. Lol! We really enjoyed our morning at home for so many wonderful reasons!

2. We went to John's grandma's at 11 to exchange gifts with his large extended family. We draw names there because it would be ridiculously expensive to buy for everyone. We got so many nice gifts there that it was overwhelming. I think we left with a HUGE bag of presents plus lots of gift cards. People are so generous, let me tell ya.

3. We went to my parent's house to exchange presents with my family. It was only my parents, my sister and her kids (Nathan and Jenna) because Luke was sick (poor guy!) and my brother and his wife were out of town. It was very nice, despite the fact that so many were missing. We opened gifts, which included some awesome new maternity dress clothes for me, a precious piggy bank (from my sister) and a beautiful necklace for Brooke (to match her bracelet), John's Sport's Illustrated subscription, etc... I could seriously keep listing things! After that the kids played- or FOUGHT might be a better description! We then settled down to an amazing lunch of prime rib, twice-baked potatoes, broccoli and cheese, homemade rolls, and corn. It was a very nice afternoon!

4. Lastly, we went to John's parent's house to exchange gifts with his parents and siblings. As if we hadn't already been spoiled rotten, everyone there went all out on us too! I got some wicked cool maternity clothes (HOORAY!) plus a bunch of nice things for around the house that I had been wanting, and then John got a GPS, which has been a much desired thing for us. We always have to borrow one from my brother or John's brother when we go out of town. Brooke also made out like a bandit with two Mr. Potato Head's, an Aqua Doodle, an Magna Doodle, blocks, more balls for her ball pit, and an electric princess bike that moves when she pushes a button. It's a shame nobody loves us, huh?

When we finally got home we unloaded all of bags full of gifts into the living room and I'm telling you, you could not walk in there because of all of the presents. We kind of left the majority of the mess (which was hard!) and snuggled up to Christmas Vacation.

This has a been a crazy Christmas season, but yesterday was really special for so many reasons and all the chaos of planning and shopping was worth it. I hope that everyone else had just as merry of a Christmas as my family did!

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