Sunday, December 28, 2008

Never Caught Up...

I'm starting to get really annoyed at my house because no matter how much I clean and clean and clean... It's NOT clean enough. I just don't get it. I feel like I could spend all day everyday cleaning and my house would never be up to my standards. It frustrates the living fire out of me!

Brooke's messes don't bug me because 1) she's my world and everything that comes with her is worth it and 2) she's a great "cleaner-upper." She definitely caught her mommy's cleaning bug and I am just fine with that:-) She rarely makes a big mess anyways because she gets very upset when she does and cries, "Messy! Need napkin!" Lol

As for Chipper messes (remember, the chocolate lab puppy who unfortunately lives in our home), I have NO patience. I find it impossible to have a clean house with him because every time I vacuum he gets a paper or a diaper or a crayon or any other object and rips it to pieces all over the place. I seriously don't know why I ever bother putting the vacuum away! I also try to mop the kitchen floor every day (or every other day when we're super busy) and it NEVER looks clean because I always have dog print everywhere, due to him spilling his water bowl every time he eats. Whoever thought of the idea of animals living in human homes... What were you thinking????????

Right now my house is also less tidy because of all of our many new Christmas gifts that don't have a home. Luckily Brooke's insane amount of new toys are stored happily in her playroom behind a closed door, but as for all of our stuff... We have no clue where to put everything! We have this humongous bag of stocking stuffers full of candy, gum, beef jerky, etc... And I have yet to find a home for it. It's so frustrating trying to find places for our new items to be stored. I guess it's a good problem to have though, right?

So, without further ado, I now need to go mop, do a few dishes, finish the laundry, scrub the toilet, and rid all glass surfaces and appliances of toddler fingerprints. Seriously, didn't I just do all of this????????????????????? I think I might lose my mind!

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