Sunday, December 21, 2008

Who Has Time to Blog Anymore????

I have been SO busy so I'm going to do a very random post today. Bare with me!

*Friday was my 16-week appointment! Everything went really well except I had a little scare... It took the doctor a minute or so to find the baby's heartbeat. It worried me SO much because he's never not been able to find it immediately. He said, "I'm just going to need you to move your pants down a little bit more" and kept searching, but alas, there was my baby's beautiful heartbeat. The doctor says that it's very fast and healthy so I felt MUCH better. Phew! We also scheduled the BIG ultrasound for January 19Th, but I think I'm going to call and schedule it for the prior week because the lady at the front desk booked it for 5 weeks from Friday, not 4. NOT cool for an anxious mom-in-waiting! Lol!

*We ended up getting snowed in, as predicted, on Friday, but we had a GREAT day watching movies, making homemade pizza, and playing with Brooke. It's rare that all three of us get to stay home all day together. I loved it!

*Saturday we did some mega Christmas shopping! We went in the morning and got a bunch of people off of our list(and found some MEGA bargains) but then we had to come home to ship John off to our church's Live Nativity. He had to help set up, be a wise man (which meant standing in the cold for two hours), and then break everything down. What a trooper! Brookie and I stopped by for a few minutes but it was too cold to stay out long. After that, John's parents took Brooke so we could finish her Christmas shopping! We went to Target and finished up buying her gifts and then caught a late night showing of the new movie, Yes Man. It was a great day overall!

*Today we woke up to MORE snow... About 6 inches or so. YUCK! I couldn't make it to church early for worship practice because they hadn't even plowed our roads yet and I wasn't about to drive over all of that so we got there just in time for Sunday School.

Alrighty, I have so much to do around the house to get caught up from being so busy. The work NEVER ends, does it?

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