Monday, December 22, 2008

Home Alone

This morning John took Brooke Christmas shopping and I had the house to myself for like three hours. I love my husband and my baby so very much, but holy cow, I can accomplish SO much around this house when they aren't here! I was a cleaning machine and I got a crazy amount of work done. Check it out:

-All of our laundry is folded and put away
-Every single wood floor has been cleaned (Mind you, I have no mop so I had to do it all on my hands and knees)
-All of our carpets have been vacuumed
-Every piece of wood furniture has been polished
-The fridge got some much needed attention and is now cleaned out
-I scrubbed both bathrooms
-All of our appliances and glass surfaces are now free of fingerprints

I feel so happy when I read that list:-) Lol! These are things that I routinely do around the house, but being able to do them all in one big space of time and not having anyone to interrupt me was heaven for a clean freak such as myself. I'm telling you... There are few things more gratifying than sitting back and looking at a spotless house. It's just the best!

Okay, as lame as this sounds, the Duggar's have a special on TV tonight that I'm eager to watch so I better be going to watch it. As much as that family perplexes me, I just can't seem to get enough of them. Am I the only one????

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rccalyn said...

Aw man, I forgot about that special! I really REALLY wanted to watch it, but it wouldn't show up on our tv-DVR guide so I couldn't set it to record, and then I forgot about it! Did they say if they will re-air it? How was it? Haha...