Friday, December 5, 2008

The Girl that Keeps her Mommy Laughing

Brooke is so funny! I don't think that 60 seconds ever go by (when she's awake) that I don't find something the laugh about. She's hilarious! Here are some of her latest antics...

*She likes to put the "eee" sound on the end of her words. For instance, she'll say, "Go to Sam's Clubeee (Which, by the way is her favorite place in the world, Alissa!)." She also likes to call Chipper "Chippy," and call her crib her "pibby." It's really funny because she looks at me and laughs every time she adds this sound to her words so I know that she does it to get my attention. It certainly works!

*She's now reverted to saying "peeya" instead of "please." I don't get why she does these things but it's funny to hear her say her words differently.

*Instead of saying "I am," Brooke says, "I min." All day long I hear, "I min getting juice." "I min getting stickers." Etc, etc, etc... She's got the right concept but the wrong word. She'll get there soon!

*I get weekly pregnancy updates to my email account and one day Brooke saw me looking at a picture of what the baby should look like at this point. Now every morning she runs over to the computer and says, "See brother sister!" She gets VERY upset if I don't let her, too. She also saw me reading Tristyn's blog one day, which has Hudson's picture on it, so now we have to rotate back and forth between Hudson and "brother sister." It's great times!

*Brooke's latest thing is questions that start with "can." She said to me today, "Can Brookie sit on counter?" Such a big girl sentence! Whenever she gets mad she yells, "Can Brookie bite this?" Today she tried to bite her wall after she asked that question. It was all I could do to not laugh at her!

*Brooke loves to go to Barnes and Noble (almost as much as she likes to go to Sam's Clubee) so all day long we hear about going to "Oboe's." Most mornings that's all she talks about. One time when we were there the play area was swarmed with kids so we told Brooke to go play and that the kids wouldn't hurt her. Now she says, "Go Oboe's. Kids no hurt you there." Good memory, kiddo!

*Brooke REALLY enjoys our "Pissmas" tree and stares at it constantly. She rarely touches it, which has been a pleasant surprise to me!

*Brooke brought me a diaper today and said, "Mommy, Brookie needs fresh diaper." It occurred to me that I DO say that a lot, but it cracked me up coming from her. She's always saying "Need go potty" and she lets me know immediately after dirtying her diaper so I'm hoping that soon she'll be ready to potty train. I don't want to push it too early though.

I seriously cannot believe how much Brooke is growing! She speaks in complete sentences all the time and I spend most of my days astounded by what she's capable of. Holy cow! It's funny, because when Brooke was a baby I used to worry about the toddler years and if I would enjoy them and/or know how to handle them, but these times have proven to be wonderful, amazing adventures and I truly can say that I am in love with Brooke and motherhood. I can't believe I was ever afraid of these days!

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*~tRiStYn MiChElLe~* said...

AWWWW that's so cute!!!! We need to get together soon so that she wont forget me :0) Hudson's mommy!!