Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Musical Baby

Brooke sings the most precious songs and it seriously melts my heart every time! A couple of weeks ago she was really into There's Just Something About that Name, but now it's Jesus Loves Me. All throughout the day she says, "Mommy, sing Bible tells me so." Lol! So of course we sing it constantly. This is her rendition...

Jesus loves me, know.
For Bible tells me so.
Him belong,
Weak but strong,
Yes, Jesus loves Brooke.
Yes, Jesus loves Brooke.
For Bible tells me so.

I'm telling you, each and every passing day this song sounds more and more like the real thing. It's so amazing to hear it! Listening to Brooke's little raspy voice sing is the most adorable thing ever!

Another song that Brooke has been singing lately is Happy Birthday. It's weird because her obsession for the song came out of nowhere. She'll be sitting in the middle of the room and sing, "Happy Birthday to you, Mommy." She usually inserts the name of the person in the room. Lol! Sometimes she'll sing one phrase for each person or object in the room... This morning she sang happy birthday to Lamby and to oatmeal. It's hilarious! We've been talking a lot about Christmas so I told Brooke that it was almost Jesus' birthday so now she's really into singing Happy Birthday to Jesus. Too cute:-)

At church one night we were singing I've Got the Joy, and since then Nathan has been super into it. It's hilarious (and extremely cute!) when he sings it, too. I guess Brooke caught on because on the way home from church tonight, this is what I heard in the backseat....

I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy (and so on and so forth!)
I'm so happy!

Way to go, Nathan, for teaching your cousin something so special! I think it's really sweet that she picked up on it.

I know how happy I get when I hear Brooke and Nathan singing songs to Jesus, but I can't even imagine the joy that He must get in heaven when He hears little toddlers singing praises to Him. I imagine that that it has to be some of the sweetest music to His ears. These kiddos are so impressionable and they're like sponges... It's so amazing to see when they are picking up good things, in a world full of so many "bads." I so look forward to more songs in the future!!

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