Sunday, October 5, 2008

What's Bugging Brooke?

I don't know what's going on with my baby and I'm starting to get very sad for her. She was up several times last night crying (which she NEVER does) on and off and then she woke up this morning with a runny nose. She was a COMPLETE grump while we got ready at church and during Sunday School and the sermon. This is so not like her!

She is getting her final eye-tooth but she has never, ever been a fussy baby with teeth. Besides, I've been giving her Ibuprofen regularly to help with that and it seems to make no difference one way or the other. I would definitely think it was an ear infection or something but she's not running a fever and she always runs a high fever with ear infections. I'm stumped...

I took her home from church and put her down for her nap, assuming that she was just very sleepy, but when she woke up she was literally uncontrollably angry. She wouldn't let John or me hold her and she screamed hysterically, bashed her head against the wall repeatedly, and hit herself in the head over and over again. That's what causes me to think that she's in some sort of pain and extremely frustrated. It was also weird because after a bit she automatically flipped the switch and became the world's most lovable, content baby ever. This adds to my confusion over what's bugging her!

I'm wondering if Brooke, like me, is adjusting to our schedule change. If it's killing me, a grown an adult, then I'm sure she notices the difference as well. I bet she misses her daddy every bit as much as I miss him.

If she sleeps like garbage tonight and is still grumpy in the morning then I'm going to call her doctor. Hopefully tonight will provide restful sleep for her and tomorrow she'll be back to herself.

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