Friday, October 31, 2008


We had a wonderful night taking Brooke trick-or-treating! John unfortunately had to work but his parents came over and helped me out. First I took Brooke out with John's dad for a bit while Patty stayed behind and passed out candy at our house for us. Then John came home for his dinner and Brooke helped him pass out candy for about half and hour. After that she went back out trick-or-treating with John's parents while I passed out candy to our 150 trick-or-treaters. Brooke came home with TONS of candy and she was so wired from all of the sugar. Lol! Some things in life are just worth it though:-) You should have seen the sparkle in her eyes and how giddy and silly she was. She was seriously running into the walls and cracking up hysterically over everything. I found myself laughing pretty hard too!

These pictures tell it all! Enjoy....

My little Buffalo Bill's cheerleader

Just look at those blue eyes!

Strutting her stuff!

Brookie and mommy

Brooke with her grandpa

Scoping out her massive stash of candy

Enjoying the fruits of her labor!

Just look at how sticky those hands are...

It's almost 9 and I FINALLY got her settled down and ready for bed. It took some effort on my part but now my little princess is sleeping soundly. I think I'll go watch a Christmas movie now. Fun times!

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rccalyn said...

Cute, cute, cute! Toddlers are so funny with candy when they realize how much they love it!