Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Animals are Scary!

Today John and I took Brooke to the pumpkin farm. All of their stuff wasn't out just yet so we're going to take her back in a few weeks. Nonetheless, it was still fun to look around and look at the pumpkins and the animals.

Brooke was enarmored by the pumpkins, maybe because they're so bright and pretty. However, we took her into the barn and she heard a pig oink for the first time and she lost it. She started screaming furiously! John picked her up and after a few minutes she decided to calm down. As we continued to look we also learned that she's afraid of roosters, goats, cows, and horses. My poor little girl must have been so scared! She also cries every time she sees my in-law's and my parent's dogs. She must just be her mama's baby because not only do I strongly dislike animals but some of them scare me also.

Other than our exciting trip to the pumpkin farm, we had a very relaxing day together. We went for a nice ride and then we just hung out around the house. I made homemade manicotti for dinner. John's now getting ready to go to court tonight. It's kind of sad because we have been together nonstop for the last week. I will surely miss him!

Ok, laundry calls. I have to go fold MORE clothes.

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