Friday, July 11, 2008

Devil Child

No, I'm not talking about Brooke! I would never refer to my little princess with such choice words. I'm talking about the evil child at the park today, who I affectionately refer to as the "spawn of Satan." Now I have your attention, huh?

So, we went to the park with Ali and Nathan and there was this little girl (who couldn't have been more than 4) who was the worst brat I've ever met. First of all, she followed us everywhere and made mean faces at us. We were on the swings and she would NOT leave us alone, which was fine because it's not like we own the swings or anything. She then followed us over to the slides, where she continued making her mean faces and staring, but then she added hissing. Lol! Hilarious!! I was HISSED at today. So what did I do? I hissed right back and it was A LOT of fun. Haha! The next place we went was to the BIG slide, where Brooke needed help climbing up. Mid-way up the tumultuous journey to the top, this little girl tried to grab Brooke's foot and budge in front of her. While her mother just sat there and allowed this, I said "Excuse me, it's her turn and you do not need to be mean to us. We were here first." The little brat (who wasn't even remotely cute, by the way) started yelling at me and repeating to me that it was her turn. I have never been treated so rudely by a child in my life. AMAZING.

I knew this kid was a brat but after we got off of the slide I got to see her in action some more. Her mom was calling her (Sydney was her name) and she said to her, "Mom, YOU BRING ME MY POPCORN AND JUICE NOW." And the mother did!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is wrong with people? Maybe Miss Sydney wouldn't be such a piece of work if her mom a) watched her on the playground, b) taught her general respect for others, and c) didn't allow her to treat her mom like a maid. I'm truly applauded and I cannot imagine my parents letting me act like that as a child! Wow...

Thankfully we still had a fun time at the park, despite the horrible brat we encountered. I just thought I would share that story because it's pretty funny, if you ask me!

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