Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4Th Of July!

We had a really nice day celebrating the 4Th of July today!! John luckily had the day off so that was great. He has to be at work at 11 O'clock tonight and I'm sure all of the drunks will be out... So unfortunately tonight won't be as wonderful as today was. Oh well.. What are you gonna do?

We took Brookie to the parade this morning and she LOVED it!! The people on the floats, cars, and firetrucks were all throwing out candy and Brooke just loved picking it up. It was precious and I so wish I had had my camera to capture the breathtaking smile on her little face. She was decked out in her red and white striped sun dress with a pretty bow (of course) and she was the perfect Little Miss
4Th of July! She also got a kick out of the music, instruments and horses that came across our path. It was a blast watching her take it all in! There were some cops there (John's co-workers) and she looked at them and said, "Badge." Lol! She's a case!

After coming home and taking a 2.5 hour nap (ALL OF US!!) we then headed over to my parent's house for a nice cookout. Brooke and John played lots of fun games with Luke and Nathan outside. It was so much fun just watching them all play together! We got home at around 6 and went for a short walk and Brooke was in bed not even an hour later. She was so grumpy and fussy that we had no choice but to put her to bed super early. She went down with no fight so she must have needed the extra rest.

Okay, off to pack John's lunch so he doesn't have to be hungry on his super long night at work. Poor guy:-( Sometimes I wish I could go to work for him...

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