Monday, July 21, 2008

VBS Pictures!!

We had a really great night at VBS tonight. Actually, I should really say we had a good "day" at VBS because our whole entire was consumed by it. John took me to Sam's this morning to get all of the supplies for the dinners this week and by the time we finished our shopping it was time for me to get up to the church. I was so lucky though because a few ladies from church were there to help me. They are all in my age group with babies or kids so it was awesome to be able to have some time with them. I really enjoyed myself!

Like I said last night, my mom and Patty are doing a little class for Nathan and Brooke. They have been having SO much fun! Tonight they were painting and apparently my prissy little girl did NOT like it one bit. She was crying and saying "MESS!" Lol! She's SO my daughter! They got to play in the wading pool, eat freeze pops, sing songs, learn a Bible story, and play outside. I am so touched at all of the time, love, and effort that has gone into making VBS so much fun for these babies! Here are some pictures of our night...

The crazy cousins splashing in the water:

What a goof ball!

There goes the nice, clean, DRY outfit. Thanks, grandmas! Lol

My silly little Nathan Bug! I LOVE that kid!

Mommy and Brookie

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Tiff said...

Oh my gosh! In the close up of the picture of you and Brooke, it looks like she has a bee on her!