Thursday, May 15, 2008

15 Months Of Bliss!!

My little girl is 15-months-old today. Unbelievable! Time has seriously flown way too fast. I try to savor every moment with her because I'm realizing that she'll be going off to college before I know it. I want to enjoy every single solitary moment with her that I possibly can.

Brooke has developed so much over the last 15 months. There's no doubt about that! When she started to walk at 9 months I thought that that was the most drastic change she would ever make. It seemed so huge (which it definitely was) to me at the time. At that point she had the physical capability to walk without the mental capacity to process where she was going. Now that she's developed more she has learned where her favorite treats are (such as marshmallows, mini M&M's, toilet paper rolls, pretzels, daddy's' keys) she will do whatever it takes to get what she wants. This stage of awareness and heightened curiosity has created so many more challenges for me as her mother than I ever thought possible.

Over these last couple of weeks Brooke has been starting to discover more and more that she has a will. It's like this light clicked inside her head and she realized that she's not programmed to do what mommy and daddy tell her to. When we tell her "no" now she arches her back, throws herself on the ground, and holds her breath. We have some interesting episodes when we're out and about too and they are NOT easy to handle. The biggest fight with her involves the shopping cart... She LOVES to push carts so whenever she sees one she says "poosh" (which means push) and spazzes out until we let her. We're trying to teach her that she has to stay buckled in the cart and she has NOT liked that idea. This makes grocery shopping very challenging. Just one of the joys of parenting... Lol!

Right alongside this stage of willful disobedience, Brooke has been learning an abundant amount of hilarious things to keep us laughing. My favorite new thing that she does is say "Ugh oh!" It's too funny because she says that when she drops something and then she says "Mess, mess!" Sometimes she comes up to me and says "Ugh oh! Mess!" She then takes my hand and leads me to the area of concern and I'm usually nervous to see what I'll find. Most of the time her "mess" is minor, like a spilled snack or dirty hands, but I'm sure that a TRUE mess is waiting in the wings!

I'm loving motherhood more and more every day! I may be tired, frustrated, sick, sad, lonely, frazzled, or upset and all it takes to get me out of my funk is one little smile from my precious girl. Sometimes I forget that she leans on me and not the other way around because she motivates, encourages, and inspires me so much. She pushes me constantly to be my best because I know that that's what she deserves. Wow, I'm amazed at how lucky I am to have Miss Brooke. God has been so good to us!

Okay, John's off tonight so it's time to get ready for MOVIE NIGHT!!!!!!!! I need some rest with my man after my day of handling temper tantrums! :-)

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