Sunday, May 25, 2008

Home, Sweet Home!

We got home from our long weekend at around 4 this afternoon. The wedding was very nice and we enjoyed our time away, but man, there is NO place like home! It felt so good to pull into our driveway today after the busy, busy weekend.

Brooke was such a great baby this weekend! The car ride there and back was painless. I don't think that she got worked up once while we were in the car which still has me shocked. She slept for 45 minutes on the way up and about an hour on the way home. I was sure she would sleep much more than that but she always likes to prove me wrong! We had some rough points over the weekend just because she was so out of sorts and tired, but I really couldn't have asked a 15-month-old to behave any more wonderfully. My girl is a trooper! We also had A LOT of help from family and friends keeping Brooke happy and entertained during the rehearsal, wedding, and reception. We honestly couldn't have done it without the many people that love us.

John looked so handsome at the wedding (and every other day too, of course!). As I looked at him and remembered back to our wedding day, I decided that I loved him more then than I did on our wedding day! The day I married him I couldn't imagine life getting any better than it was at that moment but now that we've been through so much in our marriage and have grown closer as best friends and partners, I have a much deeper understanding, respect, and love for him. I don't mean to get mushy but the wedding just brought out all of these memories and feelings. It's only natural for me to get sappy:-)

As promised, here are some pictures of our weekend. Enjoy!

My handsome husband and me:

Our little family:

My DAWG and me:

Brookie and me with Vicki (obviously the bride). This was taken at the end of the night as you can tell my Brooke's PJ's:

My DAWG and me welcoming our new sister-in-law:

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Aww, the pictures are precious! Everyone looks so happy!