Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More Potty News!

Brooke woke up this morning and went pee pee and poo poo on the toilet. Amazing! I truly suspected that last night was just a lucky occurrence but I don't think that it was because she was so eager to try it out this morning. We were out and about this afternoon so she didn't have any opportunity to try out her new potty skills and now she's in her crib napping. I'm curious to see what she'll do when she wakes up! John and I are going to get a potty chair tonight and I'm hoping that that will really make her feel more comfortable. Like I said last night, I'll happily play along with and encourage Brooke with her potty interests, but I am NOT going to force this on her. If she decides she's not ready and loses interest then so be it. She's still little!

In other less interesting news, we are getting a new furnace installed today! The furnace that we're getting rid of is an oil furnace but we're switching to propane. Because our new propane tank isn't here yet and the furnace won't be completely set up until tomorrow, we've been without heat. My house was 52 degrees this morning, despite our space heater running at full blast. It's supposed to be cold again tonight and I'm DREADING tomorrow morning. I can't even stand staying at this house right now because I'm freezing. I just want to be warm again!

I've been feeling kind of gloomy lately. Do you ever get like? I have so much to be thankful for and I have a wonderful family, both extended and immediate. God has placed a beautiful roof over my head, fed me, clothed me, loved me, and most importantly, DIED for me, yet I still struggle to have joy sometimes. I'm the type of person who lets things bother me and because this one little thing is on my mind, it's pretty much consumed most of my thoughts. It's awful, I know. I think the first step to "recovery" is realizing that my thought process is wrong and then praying about it and asking God to help me focus on the right things. Anyways, I hate the days and weeks when I feel like this and I know that it's just something that I have to fight. I always snap out of my moods, thankfully, but they're not fun when I'm in the midst of them. Just had to get this off my chest!

Okay, my little fingers are so cold that I don't think they can type much more. Maybe I'll go bake cookies or something to get warm? That's sounding pretty great right about now!

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