Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It Looks Like We're Planning A Birthday Party!

Brooke's 1St birthday is only a month and a half away. I just can't believe it. Honestly, if I think about it too much I get very, very sad. It's bittersweet because she's getting so big and she's so much fun now, but I can't help wanting to hold on to her baby days. Every time I remember her birth and how much she's changed my life, I get a little bit teary eyed. This little girl is everything to me and it's emotional for her first year of life to be almost over with. Wow...

So, instead of being sad I'm going to CELEBRATE!!! That's right! I, Jillian, the procrastinator, who doesn't plan anything in advance, am going to start planning Brookie's party! Between my family and John's family we have over 30 people so I'm thinking that we'll throw a family bash. I'm not 100 percent decided but I think I am going to do a heart themed birthday party. There are so many adorable things that you can do with hearts and because her birthday is the day after Valentine's Day there will be lots of hearts available to me! John still wants to do a princess theme but I don't think she'll appreciate it that as much as she would if she was older. We'll see...

The most special thing (for me, that is) that I want to do for Brooke's party is make her petite fours. I know it sounds silly, but when I was a little girl, I loved petite fours and they made me feel so special when I had them. I thought that I would start a tradition of making them and giving them to her every year on her birthday. Though I know that she won't really appreciate it for many years to come, I just thought it was something special that I could create a tradition out of. I'm not a good baker and I'm artistic by no means, but I am determined to figure these petite fours out. I'm going to be practicing from now until her birthday to make them just perfect. I do know that they will be dipped in white chocolate and shaped like hearts. I want them to be dainty for her!

As for this party's menu, I don't know what I'll make. My mom suggested a spiral honey ham and I would love that, but I don't know if it's dainty enough for the birthday party of a princess. This menu has really got me thinking a lot. When I can't sleep at night I try to envision the most fantastic meal possible. I guess I have time to nail out the final details.

For the drink I'm going to make my homemade strawberry lemonade mixed with Sprite. I'm going to put it in a big punch bowl with heart shaped ice cubes. It will not only taste amazing, but it will be pink and pretty!! I'm so excited about this part of the party.

For the favors I thought it would be fun to make heart-shaped sugar cookies. My sister so graciously offered to decorate them for me because she just has a niche for that type of thing. We thought that I could attach a tag to them that says, "A Cookie from Brookie." How fun would that be?!?!?!?!?!?

As we all know, I am a dreamer.. NOT a doer. So, I need to translate some of this energy into accomplishing the most adorable 1St birthday party for my princess imaginable. It's gonna be so much fun!

Anyways, I'm off to make John's lunch for work. Have a good day everyone! If you have any party suggestions please share them with me!

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