Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcome, 2008!

It's so hard to believe that a completely new year is upon us. How awesome is it to have a fresh start?? There's no reason why this can't be a wonderful, profitable, fulfilling year. I intend to live it to the fullest and spend more time smiling than frowning and more time enjoying life than being stressed out.

In honor of the new year, I am now on a diet. It's not a strict diet where I can't enjoy anything, but it's just a diet of making smarter, more healthy food selections. John and I eat out an awful lot and we're going to try to avoid the constant trip through the Wendy's drive-through. We're also going to try to cut out our late-night snacking.

When I was 12 I lost 40 pounds by simply snacking less and filling my meals with high protein, low calorie choices. I didn't eliminate everything delicious, but instead I ate everything in moderation. Another thing that I tend do is make excuses for myself to eat bad things. I'll say, "I'm a nursing mother. I need the extra calories." LOL! I think my sister taught me that lovely excuse:-) While it's true to some extent, I do NOT need to fill my extra calories with crapola!

I also want to get back in to doing my aerobics. When Brooke was about 2 months old I started to hip-hop aerobics and I absolutely LOVED it. I had it taped on my DVR and a husband who shall remain nameless deleted it. I haven't been able to find anything that I enjoy as much so I've used that as a cop out to not work out. So, the quest for the perfect aerobics has begun. John promised me that he would entertain Brooke while I do my aerobics too so that means that it will be some ME time that I can look forward to every day! More so than anything though, I'm just sick of feeling bad about myself. I have had a really bad body image ever since Brooke was born. Let's face it, things just are NOT the same after you've carried a baby for 9 months. I'm hoping that exercising will restore some of negative perceptions of my body.

I rang in the new year last night by mopping my floors and organizing Brookie's toys. I'm thinking that this will foreshadow my year to come! Lol! Mommy and wife duties are the best though so I can't complain.

I went to bed around 12:30 last night only to toss and turn until 4. My legs were aching so bad. They were on fire and I called John crying because I was in such much pain and so frustrated. When the pain finally subsided and I fell asleep, Miss Brooke woke up. Figures, huh? Needless to say, I'm really exhausted today. John gave me the luxury of taking a nap, but I'm still wiped out even after some rest. My bed is sounding pretty nice right about now!

We placed an offer on that house yesterday and we still haven't heard if she accepted our offer. Our realtor seems to think she will so let's keep our fingers crossed! Here's a few pictures of it so you can see why I love it...

Here's the kitchen:

Another shot of the kitchen:

Part of the living room:

More of the living room with a view of the entry way:

The dining room:

Cute, huh? Anyways, I'm off to get John out to work and then to bed I go! Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all:-)

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