Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye, 2007

I can't believe that another year has come and gone! It's crazy how fast time flies... So much so that it scares me. You can never slow life down enough.

Though I have been blessed with an amazing life and I have suffered very little hardship, I do have to look at 2007 and say that it's been on of my better years. I think the reason that I feel so fondly about this year that is almost a memory is because of my dear Brooke. Not only did Brooke make my world a more beautiful place, but she has caused me to remember and reflect more upon TIME and the events in which I fill it. Prior to her birth the time just all blended together for me but with Brooke here, I am constantly anticipating her new developments and achievements. I also think that by writing down (or blogging about) her milestones, I am able to truly instill them into my memory. Being Brookie's mom is my dream come true, so 2007brought upon the fulfillment of my deepest ambition.

One of the biggest things that I'm proud of in 2007 was the growth of my marriage. I can honestly say that I have fallen more and more in love with John over the last year. Watching him be a daddy to our baby and learning new facets of him has really strengthened my affection and appreciate for him and who he is. I am really proud that we have learned to put one another BEFORE Brooke (as hard as it may be) and realize that we are nothing for her unless we meet one another's needs first. John is truly my best friend and companion and I am so excited to see what the future years hold for us. It's so awesome to be in this life with someone I love so very much!

Some of my other favorite highlights of 2007 include:

~Being able to watch my precious nephew, Nathan, blossom into a crazy little toddler.
~Becoming a full time stay-at-home-mom.
~John and I buying our first new car as a couple.
~Spending lots of time with family and strengthening inter-family relationships.
~Going to Florida on vacation. What a blast that was!

God has been so good to my family! I am so blessed that nothing really tragic or awful happened directly to my family or me in 2007. We really do have it so good! I sure do have a lot to smile about:-)

Well, I'm off to send John to work:-( I'll be celebrating the arrival of the new year alone but it's all good. I was able to spend the whole day with John and then we went over to his grandma's for a bit, so it's been a great day. I can be happy about that!


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