Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Date Night!

Last night John and I wanted to use some free movie tickets we received for our birthday and we also had some more Christmas shopping to do. We dropped Brooke off at John's parent's house and off we went. I was really, really nervous (I get nervous every time I leave her) because I knew that we would be away from her for longer than we ever had been before. We left her at 4:45 and we didn't get back until after 9. However, we came back and she was sleeping soundly and apparently she was happy the whole entire night!! YAY!

About our night: First we had dinner at the food court in the mall. We really didn't have any time to go to a sit down dinner. Then we did some shopping, which turned into me trying on a bunch of clothes so John could have some ideas about what to buy for me. We then saw I Am Legend, with Will Smith. It was so freaky but very good! I thoroughly enjoyed my night out with my wonderful man:-)

Every time I leave Brooke I feel so guilty. Granted, I leave her with people that love her more than anything in the universe, but I feel like me needing and taking time for myself makes me a sub par mom. I just pride myself so much on taking care of Brooke and meeting her needs that it just doesn't seem normal to leave her.. Even for a little bit! As my mother-in-law told me, though, Brooke needs her parents to have a strong marriage and if going out without her from time-to-time will refresh us and help us rekindle our spark, then we don't need to feel bad. I'm probably just being ridiculous about this! I'm a little attached to my baby. Have you noticed?

Tonight we're going to Outback with my whole family to celebrate my brother's graduation. He now has his masters in engineering and we're very proud of him! I'm just happy that I get a steak out of the deal. Ha!!

I can't believe Christmas is a week away. Does that even seem possible? Holy cow! I have ALL of John's shopping to do so I better get moving. Yikes! I hope you all are keep your sanity during this crazy time of year. I know that it's hard to!

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