Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas was Wonderful!

Hey folks! It's been a few days because we've been so busy, but here I am to report about all our Christmas festivities!

Christmas Eve was a nice day. We did some last minute shopping, went out to lunch, and then we stopped by our church's live nativity for a bit. It was far too cold to have Brooke out so we had to leave (which didn't bother me ONE bit!). We then went to John's grandma's house to see his side of the family and then we went to my sister's house for Mexican food. It was a late night for Miss Brooke, but she did totally fine with it.

That night ended up being a horrendous night for Brooke. She woke up screaming about 3 times in the middle of the night. She was inconsolable at some of those wakings. This made for a very sleepy Christmas day.

I woke up at 7 to notice that my husband wasn't next to me... I listened for a few minutes and I heard some dishes clanking around downstairs. I didn't think that John was cooking because he does NOT cook, but much to my surprise, he made us waffles and sausage. Everything tasted wonderful and I felt so loved that he would figure out how to do something that he doesn't ordinarily do just to put a smile on my face. He was so cute because he was playing Christmas music and everything while he was cooking. What a good catch:-)

Brooke was grumpy from the second she woke up on Christmas day:-( I was kind of sad because I had envisioned her first Christmas to be very magical and that she would love it, but she could have cared less about most of it! We got her some clothes, new Nike shoes, the Grab and Go Hippo, and some books and she had absolutely NO interest in opening them. All she wanted to do was play with the Tic Tacs I got in my stocking! Lol! I was so happy that we didn't spend an insane amount of money on her.

John spoiled me rotten! He got me 3 pairs of jeans, a beautiful sweater, 4 DVD's, 2 marriage/romance books that were from the Christian bookstore, a nightie.. AND he stuffed my stocking with the most thoughtful things. He got me all of my favorite candies and gum and then he got me a $25 gift certificate to McDonald's because I like to have soda when I'm out and about. He "scolds" me for how much money I spend on drinks!

After we got cleaned up at our house, we headed off to John's grandma's house where we exchanged gifts with John's extended family. Everyone draws names so we only had to buy 2 gifts. We made out like bandits though! Everyone was very gracious to us. I got some candles, a gift card to Target, and the person who drew my name had beautiful picture of Brooke blown up and matted onto a gorgeous frame! It is so special. John's Aunt also made me tons of beautiful bows for Brooke. Now I truly do have a bow for every outfit:-) They are perfect and I know how much time and thought went into making them.

We then headed over to my parent's house where we all got tons more presents. Brooke practically got a new Gymboree wardrobe. There's no doubt that she'll be the best dressed little girl now! She also got some nice books and toys. My mom had a sterling silver bracelet with pink pearls made for her. It says her name on it and it will grow with her. It was the most precious, thoughtful gift that my mom could have thought of and we'll cherish it forever. It also looks so precious on Brooke's tiny little wrist! We stuck around for the afternoon and then we had prime rib and twice baked potatoes. We were stuffed when we left.

Finally it was time for our 4Th Christmas of the day. We went to John's parent's house to exchange gifts with John's immediate family. They too, of course, spoiled us like crazy! John's parents got us an awesome patio set for our deck this summer. We've wanted one for quite some time and they took care of it for us! We're really looking forward to using it. Brooke also got TONS of toys. My favorite toy that they got her are the Peek A Blocks from Fisher Price. They're so much fun and they're wicked cool. We've enjoyed them so much already! She also got a $50 gift card to Babies R Us, so we'll have fun with that too!! Sarah got us a satellite radio for our car and we've been loving it so far.

Christmas was a long, but amazing day. I could go on for hour listing the many gifts that were given to us, but at the end of the day, however, what meant the most to me was how many PEOPLE we have that love us and wanted to make our Christmas special.

I am so thankful that Jesus was born to come into the world and save us from our sins. How amazing it must have been for Mary to have delivered the KING of KINGS and LORD of LORDS. That's a pretty phenomenal day in history! Without that critical event in time, we would have nothing to live for. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!

We took down all of decorations today, and that was a little bit sad, but life must go on, I guess. John's back to work tonight also. It's not fun being an adult sometimes!

I hope that everyone had a special Christmas!

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!

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