Monday, February 11, 2008

All Things GROSS!

Last night I suctioned out Brookie's nose and all the sudden all of this blood came pouring out of it. I felt awful! I don't think that I hurt her or anything (because she wasn't bothered), but I think I just irriated her dry nasal passage or something. I felt so bad! She woke up this morning with bloody snot caked all over her face and her nose has continued to bleed on and off throughout the day. How sad!

On top of waking up this morning to Brooke's nasty nose secretions, I also woke up to a very wet bed. In my glazed over, exhausted, morning state of mind, I couldn't figure out what it was. Then, as I reached my hand around Brooke, I realize that it was coming from her bottom. I was the happiest woman on Earth when I realized that it was pee pee and not the other, but it was still pretty gross. I felt absoutely horrible that she was laying in her own urine. This has NEVER happened in her entire life. My mom watched her while I went to my Bible study last night and she changed her into her PJ's and diaper. I'm wondering if it was some diaper malfunction? My mom's had 3 kids and she obviously knows how to change a diaper, so I'm not really sure what the issue was. Anyways, our day started off very early with a nice, warm bath for the princess. Luckily she was thrilled by that!

The rest of the day seemed relatively normal. There was nothing else gross that happened (except for the continual runny nose, which is nothing)... Until tonight after dinner. Oh my goodness! Brooke had a really big messy diaper so I took her upstairs on the floor of her room to change her. We have a changing table but she doesn't freak out as much if I change her on the floor. So, I opened up her diaper to clean her up and she put BOTH of her hands in the mess and proceeded to smear it all over her body AND the carpet. I tried to stop her but it was pretty much too late at that point. John was downstairs so he couldn't really hear my plea for help so I decided to just wipe her down and run her a bath. I didn't even put a diaper on her or anything because I figured it would only be a few seconds before she was in the tub. STUPID MOVE! While I was in the bathroom running Brooke's bath water, I heard her in our bedroom (next door to the bathroom). I went to go see her and she was squatting in the floor of our closet peeing AND playing in it as it came out. At that point I was about to lose my mind! What a gross series of events!

Moving on to less disgusting things... All is well with the church on Friday! I guess the homeschool group doesn't stay at the church past 5 and Brooke's party is at 5:30. My dad is going to tell them that they need to make sure they're out before then. Thanks, Pops! See? I was annoyed for nothing.

Ugh, I'm so sad:-( John has to leave for work in about 20 minutes. He upstairs getting ready right now. His days off were filled with so much love, snuggling, and laughs that the thought of him leaving me makes me feel lonely already. I wish I could sleep next to him EVERY night. It's just the best feeling in the world to know that he's right next to me to protect me from anything. Oh well, I guess we have to do what it takes to pay the bills. I tell myself this all the time! So, I'm going to finish making his lunch and spend a few minutes with him before he leaves.

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rccalyn said...

Oh my goodness! And I thought WE had a bad morning! Marissa threw up in her crib sometime before I came to get her. Poor babies, sitting in their own messes!