Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Things Are Looking Up!

I am so encouraged! Last night Brooke was in bed by 7. Crazy! I know that it's super early but she was grumpy and she kept laying her head on the ground and saying, "night, night." Hey, I wasn't going to argue with her! I didn't really WANT her going to bed that early because I thought it would mess our whole night up, but last night turned out to be one of the most restful nights we've had in a long time! Here's how it went down:

~From 7- 10:20 she slept soundly, without making a peep.
~At 10:20 she woke up screaming so I decided that I would nurse one more time. (I know she probably didn't NEED it, but I figured that since she went down early maybe she was really hungry).
~She slept in her crip until 2!! Yes, I know it's sad that I'm actually bragging about that.
~Though I nursed her at her 2, she insisted on playing. She was so hyper and I was about to lose my mind and scream. I kept trying to coax her into going back to sleep but then I realized that I should just put her in her crib. After putting her in her crib, she didn't even whimper! She went right down and slept in there until 6:45 this morning!!!!!!!!!!
~She then came back to bed with me and slept soundly until 8 this morning.

Now, I know that that might not sound like a great night to some people, but I'm very pleased with it! She used to sleep through the night in her crib and I'm realizing that those days are gone (and have been for a few months now) and I'm trying to get her back to where she used to be. I do see her starting to extend the number of hours she spends in her crib and I couldn't be more thrilled with that! She really is learning, I believe. For the past few months and weeks she has been wanting to nurse ALL night and use me as a pacifier, but last night she only nursed 2or 3 times. I believe that if I'm diligent with putting her back in her crib then those wakings to nurse will no longer be worth it to her. I also realize that some of those feedings could have been avoided if I had actually let her cry for a few minutes. I really need to work on that!

Right now Brooke's napping for me. She went down without a fuss! She did wake up about an hour into it but she put herself back to sleep. Go Brookie! Her nap time is so refreshing to me. I can't even believe that I went almost a year with a baby who never napped because this is so, so, SO nice.

We just had a really nasty snow storm yesterday, topped off with rain this morning and more snow now. John was going to shovel our huge driveway when he woke up, but I decided I would use Brooke's naptime to do that today. I just got done and I feel so great! Shoveling is such good exercise! He's going to be so proud of me:-)

Alrighty, there's church tonight so I guess I better go get ready for that. I have all of Brooke's stuff to bring with us and some work to do around the house before we leave so I better get cracking. The work never seems to end!


rccalyn said...

Wow, she really is progressing there! Woohoo for you! And wow, I'm impressed at what you've taken on for her party! You are going to be one busy mama! We only had a small party, mainly because we live so far away from everyone.

rccalyn said...

Hey, about Marissa's weight...she hasn't been to the doctor since her 18-month check up. She was EXACTLY 20 lbs then, will a full wet diaper. Lol. He didn't seem concerned then, since I told him she was still nursing and ate well. I'm actually a little concerned now though. I weighed her with me yesterday, and she only weighed 21 lbs. I KNOW she hasn't been eating as well lately, especially since she's been sick, but even before then. I just don't know what else to do about it. So we'll see what he thinks at her 2-year check up. Should be interesting!