Sunday, February 10, 2008

Napping Heaven!

I know that I've been talking about napping a lot lately, but it's something that we have been feverishly working on in our house. After all of our hard work and patience, Brooke now takes a 1.5-2 hour nap every afternoon AND she goes down awake!!!!! This afternoon John and I actually napped together during Brooke's nap and it was true heaven. Yesterday during her nap we also got to spend some time together. This is the life! In Brooke's year of life, she has never taken regular, consistent naps in her crib so this feels so liberating. Now that she's napping, I'm more rested and energetic for her when she is awake, the days don't drag so long, AND my house is more tidy. In addition, I've also been cooking and baking a lot more. Watch out diets! Lol! I'm so proud of my little princess for learning how to nap:-)

Nighttimes are still not going so hot. Brooke has been waking up quite frequently, but I can't blame her because she still has the cold and the 3 teeth are still working their ways through her gums. I'm making extra allowances because I don't think that a hurting, sick baby should be left to cry in their crib. Hopefully she'll be better in a few days and all will be well in Dreamland again!

Brookie's birthday is this Friday! Crazy, huh? Yes, I'm still crying on and off about how old she. I looked at her baby book a few nights ago and the tears really came on strong. I'm such a drama queen, I know! We're having a family party on Friday night. With family alone we have like 50 people coming. We have a rather large extended family and we didn't want to have a party with 100 people so we just left it at family. Anyways, we're having it at the church and it's been planned that way forever BUT I looked at my church bulletin and the homeschool group is meeting at our church later in the afternoon that day. They're not even affiliated with our church so I'm really slightly annoyed that they're going to be there even though my dad said we could use the facility. HELLO??? I'm a dedicated member, and have been since I was 12, so I think that it's only fair that they pick another date or levae before the party starts. The party's at 5:30 but I'm going to need to set up and cook and all that good stuff. We'll be in the fellowship hall and they'll be in the sanctuary, but in order for them to use the bathroom or anything they're going to need to come through the fellowhip hall. NOT COOL! So, my dad said he'll try to work it out so they're not in the middle of her party. I'm so worried about all of
this:-( I want everything perfect!

Well, I'm going to go enjoy John because he's OFF! I love him:-) It's MOVIE TIME!!!!

*****It's been over a week now and SPELL CHECK STILL DOESN'T WORK!


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Wow! I can't believe you baby is 1 already! Congrats! And I hope everything works out with the church.
Sometimes I just don't think people know when to keep their personal opinions to themselves! And no, I am not discouraged. I mean, I have my moments of discouragement, but pure joy and happiness comes from the Lord, not from relationships or any earthly things. Life is such a learning process it's amazing!